Michigan has lowest health benefit premiums

Novi, Michigan:  The Economic Alliance for Michigan (EAM) released an infographic today touting Michigan for having the lowest health care insurance premiums among private-sector employers who provided health care benefits for both single and family plans within the five-state Great Lakes Region..

Michigan also has the lowest premiums among companies with 1000 plus employees, which is a big plus for large multi-state employers looking for real estate.

“Having the lowest premiums in the region gives Michigan a competitive edge for attracting companies to build and expand in our great state,” said EAM President Bret Jackson. “The state’s healthcare policy structure, with our strong Certificate of Need program and low number of insurance mandates, are contributing to lower health premium cost for companies and individuals.”

The infographic is available on EAM’s website:  https://eamonline.org/research/healthcare/michigan-health-insurance-premiums/.

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