The Economic Alliance for Michigan (EAM) is comprised of businesses and unions working together with one clear objective – continued growth of Michigan’s economy by creating an atmosphere that inspires job growth and maintains Michigan’s competitiveness for attracting new companies and talent.

Since 1982, the EAM has faithfully served Michigan as a nonprofit 501c3. We are an experienced organization with strengths in advocating among Michigan’s legislature, and our continued efforts to bring the topic of rising health care costs and its effect on the economy to the forefront of politician’s agendas and to the top-of-mind of Michigan’s residents.

In 2014, the EAM became The Leapfrog Group’s Regional Roll-out Coordinator for the State of Michigan.  Along with The Leapfrog Group, we educate the public and employers how they can save on health care costs and how to choose the best hospital care.


The EAM’s goal is continued economic growth in Michigan with policies attracting employees and employers to work and do business in the State of Michigan.

MI Econ Growth


The EAM is the leader in state government relations when it comes to bringing both political parties together to maintain and improve Michigan’s jobs and working environment.  We focus on the issues that matter most to our members and legislation favorable to job growth by concentrating on ways to constrain costs for employers – leading to a stronger economy.

We rally behind policy and issues that pertain to both our business and labor members.  Issues that can affect Michigan’s economy such as:

  • Economic development
  • Healthcare costs
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Infrastructure

The EAM also conducts research concerning different factors surrounding the economy, particularly in the health care arena.  We educate the public about how patients have choices when it comes to health care facilities, and by choosing hospitals who provide excellent safety and quality of care leads to cost-savings for the patient, employer and the state.

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