Bipartisanship Enables Aid for Former Delphi Workers

Bipartisanship Enables Aid for Former Delphi Workers

House Takes Steps in Securing SISF with Passing Bills 5478-5490

May 28th, 2014

Lansing, MI:  The Michigan House of Representatives passed a package of bills (5478-5490) on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, in a step to securing the ability for Michigan companies to continue self-insure for workers’ compensation.  EAM, its members and allies, including the Michigan Manufacturers Association, worked diligently in providing knowledge that helped form the bill package, which now moves to the Senate for consideration.  The package provides a promising future for maintaining and attracting companies to the state in four key steps:

  • Correcting the wrong:  The package enables workers’ compensation benefits to hundreds of former Delphi Corporation employees who lost benefits in 2009 due to mishandling of Delphi’s bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Protection:  The package places safeguards to protect self-insured employers and the state from history repeating itself.  Also, the Workers’ Compensation Agency (WCA) must report annually to the public the accounts and records of Self-Insurers Security Fund (SISF), providing transparency.
  • Securing the Future:  The package secures the depleting SISF resources with monies from the General Fund, Delphi, and 1% assessment increase to self-insured employers and groups over four years, enabling a stronger structure for the future.
  • Providing Growth:  Self-insurance for workers’ compensation provides employers the ability to reduce overhead, making Michigan competitive for attracting and maintaining job providers.

On behalf of the EAM and its members, President Bret Jackson quotes, “We are elated that the House has taken the correct strides in helping the former hard-working Delphi employees attain the benefits they deserve, and we also commend the legislation for its capacity in protecting company rights to self-insure for workers’ compensation.  Thank you to Rep. Joseph Graves, Rep. Harvey Santana, Rep. Phil Phelps, Rep. Robert Kosowski, Rep. Bradford Jacobsen, Rep. Frank Foster, and Rep. Anthony Forlini for their leadership.”

For more information regarding House Bills 5478-5490 and how they affect Michigan, please contact The Economic Alliance for Michigan at (248) 596-1006 or

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