Policy Positions

The EAM focuses on cooperative, action-oriented endeavors to improve the reality and image of Michigan as a place to do business and be employed.  We are Michigan’s leading organization that brings together all political parties to better the economic environment and avoid making policies that may create costly business-labor conflicts.  Through our members, the EAM facilitates a fact-based, internal committee process and all adopted policy positions require a three-quarter vote of our directors.



The EAM has focused on rapid health cost escalation because it is an increasingly difficult burden on Michigan businesses, and generates pressure to reduce jobs, cut benefits, and/or increase costs for workers.  Through the EAM, companies and labor organizations have worked together at the state level to offset some of the major causes of healthcare cost increases, while improving accessibility and quality of healthcare services.

The widespread implications of escalating health costs and the increasing number of Americans with inadequate and affordable health insurance have negative implications on companies:

  • International competitiveness and viability of large and small American businesses
  • Availability of good jobs with good wages and benefits
  • Stagnation of the country’s standard of living for many citizens
  • Growing tax burdens on individuals and businesses
  • Fiscal challenges facing government at all levels

These problems are growing to crisis levels and must be addressed at the federal level; however, state level efforts are also important and require continued business-labor joint efforts.

EAM’s Priority Health Issues

  • Advocate for Publicly Available Comparative Information Regarding Cost, Quality, and Safety of Health Services
  • Oppose State Legislation Overriding Employer Benefit Plans & Union Contracts
  • Supporting Certificate of Need (CON).  Read more at:  CON
  • Appropriate State Licensure/Registration for Health Professionals
  • Respond to Indigent Health Care



Health care, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation are large costs to employers.  The EAM works to keep these costs manageable and, at the same time, beneficial to employees by supporting policies that:

  • Steadily reduce excessive workers’ compensation health care fees
  • Work to constrain the number of medically uninsured residents
  • Protect the viability of companies in Michigan who are self-insured
  • Protect the freedom of purchasers right to choose what health benefits are best for them
  • Promote publicly available meaningful quality data for health care services



As a strong leading manufacturing state, Michigan’s infrastructure is essential to economic growth, both domestically and internationally.  The EAM supports projects and policies tied to high-quality and affordable infrastructure projects that will boost Michigan’s economy.  Good, quality infrastructure allows Michigan’s businesses to prosper and leads to an improved standard of living.

The EAM is one of the leading organizations advocating in Michigan and Washington for the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.  Please read about our progress and NITC news here:  NITC

The EAM supports the Continental Rail Gateway project between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.  For more information go here:  Continental Rail Gateway

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