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Thank you to everyone who nominated a hero.

We received numerous nominations from across the state for the three Maternity Care Hero awards. This year’s Maternity Care Heroes were:

Grand Champion:  Autumn Voss, RN at MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland for going above and beyond her call of duty in assisting a patient with early onset labor at 21 weeks gestation. Ms. Voss stayed well past her shift to care for the mother and helped her cope with the grim reality of losing her newborn. But Ms. Voss didn’t stop there, she then attended the baby’s funeral and stayed in-touch with the mother for well over a year after the tragic event offering comfort to the family.

Champion:  Dr. Jorrie Houle at UP Health System Marquette for her keen observation of a patient itching her hand during a prenatal visit at 37 weeks. The mother-to-be stressed how she was having a “feeling of dread” that she couldn’t shake off. Dr. Houle took the time to listen and after noticing the patient itching ordered a blood test and determined the patient had a pregnancy induced complication that may lead to the death of the unborn baby. Dr. Houle’s quick actions resulted in the delivery of a healthy baby boy.

Champion: Roxanne R. Gaiski, CNM was nominated by her peers at Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital in Hastings. Ms. Gaiski is a mentor and leader on the labor and delivery floor, who “advocates for patients and has prevented many of them from having to go to the OR.” Ms. Gaiski’s commitment to patient advocacy and C-section prevention is well appreciated and celebrated.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to maternity care!


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