Healthcare Partners

Our Healthcare Partners have the ability to network with health purchasers from major businesses and organizations within Michigan, join Friday Forum discussions, opportunity to serve as content experts and more! To join our Healthcare Partnership program, please contact Mike Grudzinski at

Thank you to our Healthcare Partners and all their support!

Case Study: Combating Workforce Migraine Virtually

Migraine-related workplace impairment exposes employers to the direct
costs of employees’ migraine-associated healthcare. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Reimaging Pharmacy Benefits to Rebuild Trust in Healthcare

Capital Rx is built around the mission of changing the way drugs are priced and patients are serviced. CLICK HERE to learn more.

2021 Janssen Transparency Report

These data and insights are critical to help inform the ongoing debate surrounding rising out-of-pocket costs for patients. CLICK HERE to discover more.

Case Study: Employer Reduces Pharmacy Spend

With Capital Rx, Kent County (MI) reduced pharmacy plan spend by 28.0%. CLICK HERE to find out how.

Depression Looks Like Me

Depression is anything but simple. It isn’t one-size-fits-all. No matter your experience, it IS treatable. That’s why we need to show the world what depression really looks like. LEARN MORE.

2022 Pulse Survey Results: Mental Health Benefits

This Milliman survey report looks at mental health benefits, what employers are experiencing today with their employee populations, and how they are preparing for the post-pandemic future. CLICK HERE to learn more.

2022 Milliman Medical Index

The cost of healthcare for a hypothetical American family of four covered by an average employer-sponsored preferred provider organization (PPO) plan is $30,260. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Let’s build a more equitable future together.

The time is now — digital health can improve access to care for all communities. Let’s talk about how together we can tackle health inequities. CLICK HERE to discover how Onduo can help.

Vaccine Insights for Employers

Vaccine education supports employee productivity. CLICK HERE to discover which vaccines are needed and when.

Breastfeeding and the Affordable Care Act

The ACA of 2012 was the first nation-wide legislation aimed at increasing access to breastfeeding supplies. CLICK HERE to discover more.

Stop overspending on healthcare claims

Compare your rates to the market and create simple agreements with local providers. CLICK HERE to learn how.

Parental leave is just the beginning

84% of parents plan to breastfeed yet only 25% meet their goals. CLICK HERE and discover how to help employees who are new parents.

Everything You Need To Know About The July 1, 2022, Payer Rates Disclosure

What is TiC? Why should you care? That and more answered by Turquoise SMEs. CLICK HERE for the answers.

Mental health care for all, no prescription necessary

Recent study demonstrated that Sleepio users were more productive, had fewer absences, which resulted in a total savings for the company of over $3 million. CLICK HERE to read more.

Who is MDLIVE?

MDLIVE believes in the power of providing
impactful and innovative health care to
improve lives. Let’s work together to
deliver on that promise to your members. LEARN MORE

What’s Next for Telehealth?

Two years following the onset of the pandemic, virtual care has
become a highly acceptable option for accessing care. What’s next? LEARN MORE

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